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How to Configure Port Mapping?


Port Forwarding or Port Mapping is the technique widely used to redirect computer signals (ports) between LAN computers (Local network), and remote computers (Internet). Ultra Torrent Downloader Free enables you to specify the start/end port to listen for incoming connections so that you can connect to other peers freely.

Download Ultra Torrent Downloader Free through the link we provide below and install it:

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Configure Port Mapping

Click "Basic Options" and in "Port Mapping" tab, you can see 3 options are ticked by default and it is suggested keep them that way.

Configure Port Mapping

Enable UPnP port mapping

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) allows Ultra Torrent Downloader Free to communicate with the router to forward a port without your manual intervention. You might need to forward your ports manually if some devices do not support. Disable UPnP if that is the case.

Add Windows Firewall Exception

Ultra Torrent Downloader Free can add an entry to the Windows Firewall exceptions list that lets it bypass the firewall. This is useful only when Windows Firewall is enabled. Note that this option works only on operating systems released after (and including) Windows XP with at least Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed.

Enable DHT Network

To enable the Distributed Hash Table (DHT), you can check the box. It also can be achieved by right-clicking the DHT status in the main window status bar and selecting the corresponding option.

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