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How to Listen Port?


The Listen Port section is used for incoming connections, specifying the port that Ultra Torrent Downloader Free should use to listen for incoming connections. This port must be unfirewalled for optimal usage of Ultra Torrent Downloader Free.

Download Ultra Torrent Downloader Free through the link we provide below and install it:

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Listen Port

Click "Basic Options" and in "Listen Port" area, you can define the "Start Port" and "End Port". Setting the port to 0 indicates to Ultra Torrent Downloader Free that you would like for it to select a random port after the changes are confirmed.

Listen Port

Check "Randomize port each start", then you can select a random port between 1000 and 65000 to use at startup. However, "Randomize port each start" might conflict with your port forwarding settings, so it's best to leave this option disabled if you manually open ports in your router and firewall.

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