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How to Download Torrent Files Fast?


Different from many other similar products, Ultra Torrent Downloader Free is 100% free for any user, it requiring no payment and registration. This free torrent downloader has been created to provide a straightforward process to finish torrent downloading with only 2 steps. What you need to do is just open torrent files and start download. It makes even the most inexperienced user a pro in torrent downloading.

Download Ultra Torrent Downloader Free through the link we provide below and install it:

Download Ultra Torrent Downloader Free

Step 1. Find the Torrent You Want

First you need to install and launch Ultra Torrent Downloader Free. Then, find the torrent in a torrent search site, index site or forum and download it to your computer.

Find the Torrent You Want

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Step 2. Open Torrent and Start Download

Click "Open Torrent" to open the downloaded torrent file (or you can drag & drop the torrent file to the program window). In the activated window, you can choose the movie you like from the list and define the save path, folder name. Click "Download Now" to start download. Now you can see the torrent files are being downloaded. The detailed information like filename, size, speed, time remaining, etc. will be shown in the task list.

Ultra Torrent Downloader Free will create a new folder in the path you choose and the filename will be same as the torrent. You can also define the folder name you want.

In "Torrent Content" area, you can see the publisher and comment info. All files in the torrent listed are ticked by default. You can untick for the unwanted files or use the "Select All" or "Select None" buttons for easy choosing.

Open Torrent and 
					Start Download

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Step 3. Limit Download Rate

To keep web surfing impregnable while downloading torrent files, you can limit the download/upload rate. Click "Basic Options" and untick the "No limit" box, then you can enter the number of the max speed (KB/s) you require for download/upload.

Limit Download 

Under "Files" tab, you can see the path, size and progress of each file; under "Peers" tab, you can see the peers' IP, client name and uploaded/downloaded size; under "Info" tab, you can see detailed information of the torrent, like Hash, pieces, seeds, DHT, ports, etc.

You are allowed to manually "Pause" the task and "Resume" the download as you need; To end the task completely, click "Stop" and to restart the task, just click "Start".

When the downloads are finished, click "Open Containing Folder" to find the downloaded files or double-click on the listed task to find them directly.

You can use "Remove" to remove the selected files or choose "Remove All" to remove all files; "Remove with Data" enables you to delete the downloaded files of selected tasks from your hard disk.

By clicking "Properties" to review all the details of selected task like location, publisher, files included, etc.

BitTorrent Software

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Step 4. More Advanced Settings

As a professional free torrent downloader, it provides many other advanced settings to set up your torrent task.

Click "Basic Options" and under the Speed Limit, the other settings are available:

Associate .torrent format

Listen Port

Port Mapping

Host Name

More Advanced Settings

Click "Advanced Settings", you can see settings like Protocol Encryption & Proxy Server Settings (How To Download Blocked Torrent using Proxy)

More Advanced Settings

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